Artists of Utah

Artists of Utah by Vern G. Swanson, William C. Seifrit & Robert S. Olpin

From Aagard to Zwara with artists in between, Robert S. Olpin, William C. Seifrit, and Vern G. Swanson have collected and detailed the lives of the many and varied artists, photographers, sculptors, architects, and craftspeople who have inhabited Utah at one time or another.

Artists of Utah brings the reader up to date on the expanding face of Utah and its native, adopted, and itinerant artists–new and fold, motion picture and high tech, designers and crafts specialists it is a more comprehensive listing than contained in the original Dictionary of Utah Art, compiled by Dr. Olpin in 1980, and offers briefly pertinent information on the artists, including their work and life histories, their birth and death dates, and their particular and varied mediums of expression.

Drs. Olpin, Seifert, and Swanson also contributed the important, informative, and well-documented text found in Utah Art (1991) and in its revised edition Utah Painting and Sculpture (1997), both published by Gibbs Smith, Publisher. With more than 150 color and black-and-white images, Artists of Utah is an ideal companion piece to both of these beautiful publications.

“Utah is the coming together of peoples and individuals in a unique vastness that promotes both mystery and the creative impulse. That is, from the tribe or the congregation-community, artists have emerged through time into a tremendous kind of timeless space and beauty in order to do what they have had to do.” –Robert S. Olpin


Vern G. Swanson (Author), William C. Seifrit (Author), Robert S. Olpin (Author)

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