A Season to Remember: Brigham Young University 1965 Western Athletic Conference Football Champions

A Season to Remember Brigham Young University 1965 Western Athletic Conference Football Champions by Vern G Swanson“Just two years before our triumphal season the former BYU group, The Lettermens, sang the classic pop song, We’ll Have These Moments to Remember (1963) where they reminisced of ‘the night we tore the goal-posts down.’ While still reverberating in our memory, the words of that song came true for every die-hard Cougar football fan. Most of the players from that team are now nearly seventy years or older but all recall the magic of that remarkable season fifty years ago. This book is our way of passing on ‘these moments to remember’ to future generations.” (from the Introduction to A Season to Remember)

As a member of the 1965 BYU football team that won the WAC Championship that year, author Vern G. Swanson took what was originally planned as a pamphlet for the 50 year reunion of that ’65 championship team. In the end it turned into a beautiful book capturing the unique blend of coaches, team, key players and their culture. This book is dedicated to Head Coach Tommy J. Hudspeth who passed away just before the 50th Golden Reunion.


In Memoriam: Head Coach Tommy J. Hudspeth
Introduction: A Season to Remember

  1. Our Noble Predecessors (1893-1941)
  2. Remembering 1942 and 1958
  3. Head Coach: Hal Mitchell (1960-1963)
  4. Our New Lair: Cougar Stadium
  5. Head Coach: Tommy Hudspeth (1964-1971)
  6. Assistant Coaches
  7. VIPs and staff
  8. “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of BYU”
  9. All-American: Virgil Carter
  10. All-American: Phil Odle
  11. All-American:Dennis Brewster
  12. All-Conference Players and Co-Captains
  13. Varsity Cougars of 1965
  14. Frosh Kittens of 1965
  15. The Season and the Games
  16. Cougars mourn their loss
  17. No Bowl for Us
  18. Stories from Our Teammates
  19. First Championship: We Paved the Way
  20. 50th Reunion: “Champions Still”


203 pages.

You can request a copy from by sending Vern a message on his Contact form.